I did my undergaduate studies at the Mid Sweden University, focusing on mathematics and physics. I graduated in 2003, getting a ‘magister’ (roughly equivalent to a master's degree) in mathematics with physics as a second subject. My thesis looked at a connection between p-adic norms and the tight span of a certain valuated matroid hinted by the fact that both structures realize the affine building of SLn(F), where F is a discretely valuated field.

After graduating, in the autumn of 2003, I joined my supervisor Vincent Moulton at the then newly established Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics at Uppsala University to start a PhD in mathematics with applications in bioinformatics. When Vincent moved to the University of East Anglia in the summer of 2003, I decided to stay in Uppsala and change the direction of my PhD, to the representation theory of Lie algebras. I spent the next year finishing my work at the Centre for Bioinformatics and graduated with a Licenciate degree in mathematics with applications in bioinformatics (the thesis can be found here) in late spring 2005.

During the summer of 2005 I started the ‘second part’ of my PhD at the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University, with Volodymyr Mazorchuk as supervisor. I worked mostly with questions concerning the Category O of a finite dimensional complex semisimple Lie algebra.

I defended my thesis ‘Tensor Products on Category O and Kostant's Problem’ on Thursday, December 11, 2008. It consists of an introductory expository of the content matter, together with three of my articles.

After getting my PhD degree I ‘went in to industry’ and starded working for a small company in Stockholm. In January 2013 I moved to London to work at Ocado as a Data Scientist, which has given me the opportunity to learn all sorts of machine learning techniques and lots of programming experience.